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Annuncio del Global 'CEO for One Month'


TUTTI I 47 CEOs nazionali


Annuncio del Global 'CEO for One Month'


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The truth behind world-changing leadership

You need to know the truth behind great leadership if you want to excel. These insights can only be learnt from practitioners who have proven success, where leadership is a core part of their DNA. However, you have probably seen that the quality of leaders can vary… This is because only a fraction has the no.1 key competency: accountability. They also need passion, energy, and vitality.

The CEO for One Month programme partners with Dr. Vince Molinaro, as he explains how the best leaders create impact. The New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of The Leadership Contract has more than 20 years of experience as an advisor to boards, senior executives, and global professionals.

So, how do you make sure you have the fundamental leadership skills? Give yourself the best chances in the professional world by learning from a teacher of leaders. Check out this recent webinar, where Vince covers this topic.

Dr. Molinaro highlights the vast difference in leadership development that millennials and Generation Z have in comparison to many current senior executives. This is due to the early introduction of collaborative tools and links to why global job mobility continues to accelerate. The issues begin when organisations are not able to satisfy the leadership requirements of these generations.


“We think leader, we expect more.”


Candid communication is vital in the world of business strategy. Mediocre leadership can result in a deficit of workforce talent, and newer generations are overcoming this challenge by understanding the ‘fine print’ in the leadership contract. Here, Vince breaks it down into four key terms:

  1. Leadership is a decision. Make it.
  2. Leadership is an obligation. Step up.
  3. Leadership is hard work. Get tough.
  4. Leadership is a community


The goal of the leadership contract is to reverse the issues that occur when people are put in leading positions without the necessary skills, development, and conscientiousness. It opposes the historical pattern of promotion based on technical performance alone, and advocates leadership competency as a skill that must be developed parallel to progression.

This change in mindset can create a paradigm shift in how you are perceived as a future leader, and benefit your professional goals when communicating with potential employers.


What is your primary leadership obligation at this critical time?

There are more young people in the world than ever before in history, and it’s impossible to discuss leadership accountability without mentioning recent global issues. From the COVID-19 pandemic to the BLM movement, huge changes have occurred in how we perceive leadership.

Vince goes on to answer questions about leadership obligations in these challenging times. Both the pandemic and the cultural movement have put societal leaders under scrutiny, making the following advice even more poignant:


“Be the person who has the courage to tackle the tough issues.”


Endemic issues within organisations cause decreased performance and morale, but the good news is that people will rally around you if you face challenges with the right balance of conscientiousness and competence. Global issues have a direct connection to the 4th leadership contract term: Leadership is a community.

You will rise as a leader if you act upon the obligation to empower leadership throughout all levels of an organisation, from frontline workers through to mid-tier and above. This moves away from the ‘one or two heroes at the top’ model, and although it takes a lifetime of dedication, you can imbue every part of your life with this mindset today.


“Hard work spotlights the character of people: some turn up their sleeves, some turn up their noses and some don’t turn up at all.”


Sam Ewing, former MLB player


Vince ends the webinar by posing a question that we should all ask ourselves, “What’s the hard work that you try to avoid?” When we answer this question – and implement solutions – we get closer to the leadership accountability contract that drives the world forwards.

Another important question came from the webinar audience, “How should young people deal with poor leaders in an organisation?” Dr. Molinaro brings it back to perspective. He reminds us that we should also look at things from the progressive leader’s point of view:


Be as successful as we can all be together.”


His advice is to provide solutions when challenged with obstacles. This work ethic is also at the heart of the CEO for One Month programme. If you missed it the first time, check out the full webinar to go deeper into these insights

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