TUTTI I 47 CEOs nazionali


Annuncio del Global 'CEO for One Month'


TUTTI I 47 CEOs nazionali


Annuncio del Global 'CEO for One Month'


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Conquer any crisis with your leadership skills

“What drives someone to overcome ‘boundaries of thought’ and prejudice?” Jean Choplin – Co-founder and driver of AISEC


AIESEC continues to tackle world challenges by developing young leaders, as it has done since 1948. In our previous article we introduced you to the organisation, and the steps you can take to join. You can also start benefiting from their career-driving techniques straight away.

If you missed the recent webinar, you can find it here. AIESEC discussed how you can face uncertainty with positivity, so you can kick-start your leadership story and create world change.


Moving forwards


Alexandra Robinson, the Global Executive, explains how being a leader isn’t just about leading people. It’s also about essential personal qualities. AISEC focus on four qualities in their leadership development model:

Using this model in conjunction with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will help you to become a progressive leader. This will not only highlight your understanding of essential leadership qualities, but show that you’re invested in creating change on a broad level.

AISEC has a long-term framework of 17 SDGs that are designed to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure that peace and prosperity are enjoyed by all. This mindset is essential for all leaders and is the driving global zeitgeist.



Everyone’s future


When you grasp opportunities, more of them are likely to come. AISEC helps to link you with like-minded people, and the opportunities are endless. This is why the organisation partners with over 5,000 companies from across the world, with 100,000+ high-calibre young people, across 128 countries. From internships, volunteer programmes, to entrepreneurial opportunities – with over 40,000 leadership positions offered annually – the door is open to you.

AISEC highlights the need for progression during the pandemic, so they’ll also support you with a wealth of online courses. It’s essential that you’re innovative during times of crisis and adding new skills to your résumé is an ideal way to get ahead.


The leader’s journey


By aligning yourself with the leadership mindset, you can develop faster in the professional world. At the heart of the AIESEC group, they use the following holistic process:

Leaders always know where they are in the above process. Add this to the AISEC leadership model, plus your own Sustainable Development Goals for 2030, and you can already start thinking like a future leader.

We’re living in a peak youth era. There’s a higher number of young people than ever seen before in world history. This has motivated organisations to create more access to the work experience you need to develop.

Stay connected with the CEO for One Month social media channels for updates and join our partners at AIESEC to find the latest opportunities.



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