TUTTI I 47 CEOs nazionali


Annuncio del Global 'CEO for One Month'


TUTTI I 47 CEOs nazionali


Annuncio del Global 'CEO for One Month'


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Beyond your résumé: how to use professional positioning

1000s of applicants. Competition. Sales pitching. The corporate world. This always paints the picture of well-known reality TV shows and the ensuing drama. The CEO for One Month programme is the opposite. The no. 1 driving force that past finalists remember is the inclusive nature of the process.

Long before our finalists applied, they were also using professional positioning. They were bringing innovation to their local networks. Beyond academic and vocational achievements, there is also the world of extracurricular activities, which these future leaders used to their advantage.


Innovation first

To transform your CV into a high performing business card, you need a key element: value creation. Single entries on your résumé are not enough. As we covered in 5 LinkedIn tips for future leaders (#2 Share Insights), you can boost a hiring manager’s interest in you by expanding on your activities using professional platforms.

We caught up with Mirko Raimondi, the 2018 Italian CEO for One Month, and he also highlighted the need for teamwork. If you look closer at Mirko’s past achievements, you can see how his passion for progressive industries helped him to open doors. In this case, we’re going back to an earlier success with Amazon.


Professional positioning

Every CEO for One Month finalist has one thing in common: professional positioning. In Mirko’s example, he entered a competition where Amazon was looking for innovative ways to improve their delivery system. In the end, he and his friends created a solution that won them the Amazon Innovation Award 2017.

This is an excellent example of consistent positioning since this achievement also relates to his career interests. Job roles, skills, and academic background all play a part, but professional positioning allows you to create an arena where these elements play out during future meetings.


Idea creation vs. value creation

Early entrepreneurial endeavors are an excellent way to signal your future leadership caliber in the corporate world. At the same time, organisations want to know where your idea creation vs. value creation ability lays.

The reason that entrepreneurs can struggle with value creation is that they don’t use the best practices that many businesses take for granted. Today, this doesn’t have to be the case, since the most successful Fortune 500 companies incorporate both worlds. As the world’s leading HR solutions provider, we can provide you with a benchmark on how to create this balance.


Show your talent

The good news is that the extracurricular endeavors you carry out don’t have to be with a well-known company, and can involve any professional activity from volunteer work to a part-time internship.

The reason that the Adecco Group uses the reverse mentoring technique with future CEOs is that it creates a bridge between the entrepreneurial and corporate world (check out: Insights from the world’s top young executives).

Your positioning begins when you lead with solutions, and they benefit your career when they align with your team.